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Gladys PĂ©rez is a natural-born caregiver and native New Yorker. She loves to make life better for you… and you and you! Sometimes she worries this makes her come off as a know-it-all, but you won’t even think such a thing since she makes a ton of sense, cracks you up and always has your best interests at heart. She plays service people a lot, from public servants like teachers and social workers to hospitality service workers like waitresses. Recently on Kevin Can Wait, she played a coffee lady who bantered with the King of Comedy himself (that would be Kevin James, ya?).

She also plays Mamas a lot, and Aunts – I guess these are also service-y types of roles, right? And who knows? Her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and she loves to cook up a storm, ply you with food and drink, and then send you home packing your favorite dishes. So maybe she is like your favorite Mama or Aunt!

At AMDA, where she studied musical theatre, she was the one who would bring other students home to the Bronx so that they could eat her own Mama’s home cooking. She could also magically produce cheeseburgers from her pocket if someone was hungry (true story – I will tell if you ask). After AMDA she studied Meisner with Joanna Beckson and continues today to hone her craft through work and classes.