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Gladys Pérez is a natural-born caregiver. A native New Yorker, she has her ways of making life better for you… and you and you… from telling you what train to take to get to your destination to helping you figure out how to get the perfect job / career / partner / apartment. Sometimes she worries this makes her come off as a know-it-all, but you’ll be so busy thinking she does know it all that you won’t even notice those thoughts. 🙂

She plays people who care, like moms, nurses, teachers, social workers and police captains… Caring characters with authority and who take no prisoners, all while she makes a ton of sense, cracks you up and always, always has your best interests at heart.

If you’re reading this around Thanksgiving, that’s her favorite holiday. So you might want to ask what she’s up to because you might get some food and drink along with some awesome acting chops and smarts. So you see… she doesn’t just play at caring, she really does care. And she’ll go all out to show ya!