Did you know?

I have a company called Career Clarity that helps professionals who are experiencing dissatisfaction in their careers by guiding  them to create the career change they want, or by helping them to make changes and find more satisfaction in their current job. I believe that if you keep doing a job that drains you, for an organization that doesn’t value you, because you are scared or worried that you can’t find something else, you’re missing out on the most vital opportunity to create amazing flow and connections in your life. I truly believe if something about your professional situation just doesn’t feel right, it’s worth exploring further and finding the answer or seeking a better situation.

In working with my clients over more than 15 years on resumes, job search plans and coaching, I’ve created a seamless methodology to create lasting career transformation. Together with my clients, we work on planning next steps, then make and execute those plans to transform careers – without my clients getting overwhelmed in the process.

I’m known for my bubbly and warm personality, and am passionate about helping my clients get clear about what they want and go after it, even if it’s in a different industry altogether. After working together, my clients come away with renewed enthusiasm for their jobs, new careers altogether, and more ease in their work life.