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Hello Beautiful!

My cousin Rudy always greets me with this and even though sometimes I don’t feel like a big ol’ bombshell, the greeting always strikes my heart and ignites a smile. So… Hello, Beautiful!

What can I tell you? I’m a natural-born caregiver, but I work hard at getting better at it all the time. As a Bronx girl and native New Yorker, I have ways of making life better for you, whether that means helping you get from Point A to Point B, or helping you find the perfect job, career, partner, or apartment. You might think I’m a bit of a know-it-all, but seriously – give me a few minutes and you’ll notice that I see you, I really see you. And all I’m doing is holding a mirror up to that beautiful face of yours so you can see the marvelous being that I see, too. All this, so you can be a happy camper. 

As an actor, I tend to play people who care, like moms, nurses, teachers, social workers and police captains… characters with authority and who take no prisoners, all while making a ton of sense. Sometimes I play against type, too, as the asshole co-worker or neighbor, and that is also great fun (see the bratty picture to the right where practiced going against type at a young age!) 😉

Thanks for reading and take good care of yourself!! Besitos!